Experience in:
Self taught in 2d Flash Animations
Creating Cartoon and Illustrations
Have knowledge in Animation in Flash.
Have created simple Flash Games with drag and drop options etc. But can learn more if it is as well needed.
Basic Motion Tweening knowledge in 2d Flash 8 Professional Software. I can learn more about it if needed?
Have an understanding about older Versions of Flash as well.
I can do Websites too in 2d Flash.

Experience in basic 3d Anim8or and some knowledge in Max 3d Studios.
Can Design 3d Characters and animate them.
Everything I taught myself.

2d digital Illustration I have great knowledge in and also in 2d digital character design and abstract artworks.
And in 2d digital Landscaping Design as well.

Mostly, self taught (with a view lessons) in Musical Instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and Musescore.
I have created my own music and lyrics.

Short Story writer and short Scripts writer.

I am also a Comic Artist mostly do 2d comics but also some in 3d.

Self taught in Craft and Crafting.
And in some falding papers.

I am also a Reiki Master. I give healing to people who needed.

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Everything which is on this website, is created and copyrighted by me.
Please, do not use or alter my work in anyway.
Please if you like something, then please pay and contact me if interested.
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